Our thoughts on Google Keywords Tool Update

We have been talking about this since May/June with most of our customers.

The Google Keyword Tool is essentially going away, and is being replaced by the Keyword Planner.  Initially our feeling was that this was just another way for Google to separate us from the actual data (in a way it still is).  Google no longer provides exact, broad, phrase search macro data, or a clear separation between mobile, vs desktop/laptop.  After running a few experiments though, we feel like the average keyword search figures they are providing are about right.  We have also determined that the default figure provided is an averaged “exact match” figure (yay!)  Also, we can finally really target search by a specific local geo (i.e. San Francisco, CA) vs trying to guestimate with [Search Term] San Francisco, CA.

So…. really – we are starting to like the new format and data presentation.  It doesn’t mean that the average end-user can easily manage a productive PPC campaign quite yet, but it is getting better.  I does, conveniently, make it easier for end-users to spend more money on PPC with Google 🙂




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